Our Story

T & M Electric, Inc., founded in 1981, is a state certified electrical contractor specializing in complete electrical installation and related service work in the residential and commercial setting throughout northeast Florida.


T&M Electric was founded with its headquarters based in Orange Park Florida by partners Mr. Turner, and Mr. Morris. Each had a passion for the electrical trade, and together they took the first steps to form the company that today is called T&M Electric of Clay County, LLC


After a 6 year partnership, Mr Morris purchased T&M Electric from Mr Turner. During this time, Eric Linton who had been employed with the company since 1983, was promoted to field project manager, overseeing residential and commercial projects. 


1990 brought much growth in the company, Mr Morris continued to develop the residential division of the company. While Eric Linton focused on the commercial division. The two worked alongside each other, as Mr Morris mentored Eric in the electrical trade from field construction, and business management aspects. However, in 1990 the company experienced a tragic loss, with the unexpected passing of Mr Morris. As great as the loss was, the company chartered a new direction with new leadership. Ms. Morris, became President of the company, and Eric Linton, Vice President. The two began a partnership that launched the company into the next chapter, bringing additional growth.


As we experienced continual growth in the company, we purchased land at our original location on College Drive, and built a facility that contained our office and warehouse operations. After a few years, two additional buildings were built, as the company continued to grow.


After a 5 year partnership, and as Ms. Morris neared retirement, Eric Linton had the opportunity to purchase T&M Electric, promoting him to President of the company. Ms Morris retiring, provided the ability to hire additional staff and management, paving the way for the future of T&M Electric.


Brought multiple milestones, our growth allowed us to assemble a team of nearly 70 employees, accompanied with record sales, and this allowed us to purchase 14 acres on College Drive, and build a new expanded facility. All construction operations are housed in this facility today. 


As the company continued to experience major growth, our country was just stepping into what we now call, “the Great Recession”. This surely brought challenging times, and difficult decisions. Many business opportunities were lost. However, the long term relationships that were forged, remained intact. This allowed us to persevere, and remain a major player in the electrical construction industry. 


Our region experienced unprecedented construction growth, bringing many rewards to the company. With a team over 100 strong, and record sales, this allowed the company to purchase an office building adjacent to our current facility. After an extensive remodel, this space now houses our administrative staff, managers, and estimators.


Wow! It has been an incredible 41 year journey, and certainly not possible without the team of men and women that make up T&M Electric. We all have but one goal, meeting and exceeding our customers expectations daily. Our field and office staff of well over 100 members that are committed and dedicated to their jobs, are highly experienced, well trained, extremely knowledgeable, has allowed T&M Electric to become the company that it is today, with an impeccable reputation, providing outstanding service, and unmatched professionalism. 

Eric Linton still serves as President, with his wife Teressa, at his side serving as Vice President. 

Jerry Anderson, Senior Commercial Project Manager, has been with the company for 34 years and also serves as Vice President.

Tom Taylor, Senior Residential Project Manager, has been with the company 30 years, and serves as Vice President of Residential Operations 

Dan Newton, Senior Estimator, has been with the company 16 years, and serves as Vice President of Commercial Operations

Along with many other managers, and support staff that make up the entire T&M Electric Team.

As grateful as we are to our entire team, and our customers. We are most grateful to our God and his blessings, as we look back on the progress He has granted, and we look forward to the direction He will lead us.

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